About Trabi:

What is Trabi?

Trabi is a tracking tool that can be used to categorize your money spending and help with budgeting.

With Trabi you can:

  • Track where your money spending and divide into categories.
  • Create Reports for categories and accounts.
  • Analyze your spending habits and see where you money is going.
  • Start your Budget! With Trabi you can create one budget for each month and see the progress.
  • Invest your money and track it with Trabi.


Trabi is safe and secure. Build with the latest technology and constantly updated.

We don't ask or need any personal information. We only store your email for access and password recovery.

We will never sell your email or personal information. No spams or marketing material either.

Payment is managed by service provider called Stripe. If you subscribe to Pro version, they will store your credit card information for payment process. Nothing is shared between Stripe and Trabi besides the payment status.


We only use cookies to keep you authenticated and for the minimum site funtionalities. Nothing else! No joke!

Plans and Prices:

- Is it Free?

Trabi is completely Free!!!

- What is Subscribe PRO?

Subscribe PRO is just a way to support my work, help to pay the website hosting expenses and grow the services.

As a thank you, PRO users can have unlimited accounts and categories.

- Is it reliable? Do I have support 24x7?

At this moment Trabi is a self-hosted web app. This helps me keep it free and with low operational cost.

Because it is self-hosted, it is susceptible to power outage and hardware failures. I also can't provide support 24x7.

Plans for the future includes migration to cloud. Help us achieve this subscribing to PRO plan.